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News and resources about Bio-Tec Environmental LLC, EcoPure® plastic additives, and information about plastic waste, pollution, and biodegradation*.

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We believe in environmental stewardship and sustainability, putting systems in place that will enhance the efficient use of natural resources, protect the environment and reduce waste in the ocean and on land.”
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“Bio-Tec continues educational efforts with government agencies, politicians and the general public. I am pleased to see Bio-Tec continually working hard to make EcoPure® even better. EcoPure® is proven to biodegrade* in all tests I have conducted and reviewed. The product performs as advertised. EcoPure® consistently works and in my opinion, will lead the industry as the biodegradation* solution for many years to come!”

EcoPure® | Distribution Partner
“EcoPure® offers our company a unique opportunity to provide our customers with a solution when they are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to end-of life for their plastic packaging. Our level of trust working with Bio-Tec is 100%. We have complete faith and trust that we will continue receiving the necessary support needed to continue growing our sales of biodegradable* products. We have seen an approximate 10% increase in our gross profit margin from using EcoPure®.” 
Plastic Manufacturer using EcoPure®