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News and resources about Bio-Tec Environmental LLC, EcoPure® plastic additives, and information about plastic waste, pollution, and biodegradation*.

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We believe in environmental stewardship and sustainability, putting systems in place that will enhance the efficient use of natural resources, protect the environment and reduce waste in the ocean and on land.”
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The Lifecycle of Plastics: From Production to Pollution

December 12, 2023|

In a world increasingly reliant on convenience and cost-efficiency, plastic has emerged as a ubiquitous material, integral to numerous aspects of modern life. However, the extensive use of plastics has given rise to significant environmental challenges, particularly concerning plastic waste management and pollution. This article, sponsored by Bio-Tec Environmental [...]

EcoPure® and Sustainable Plastic Manufacturing: A New Era

December 5, 2023|

In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, Bio-Tec Environmental's EcoPure® emerges as a beacon of innovation in the plastic manufacturing industry. Developed as a biodegradable plastic additive, EcoPure® is transforming the way businesses and consumers view plastic products. With an increasing global emphasis on sustainable practices, EcoPure® offers [...]

The Economics of Plastic Waste: Costs and Opportunities

November 23, 2023|

The economic ramifications intertwined with plastic waste management have sparked a quest for sustainable alternatives. This piece elucidates the financial burden of plastic waste management, explores economic incentives for reducing plastic waste, delves into the nexus between job creation, economic growth and the recycling/upcycling sectors, contemplates the potential market shift [...]

EcoPure®: Unlocking Biodegradable Plastic Technology

November 16, 2023|

The sprawling imprints of plastic waste have impelled the quest for sustainable alternatives. A beacon in this milieu is Bio-Tec Environmental’s EcoPure® additive, a trailblazer in advancing the biodegradation of plastics. This piece unveils the organic chemistry of EcoPure®, explores the biodegradation process it catalyzes, delineates the pivotal role [...]

Breaking Down Bioplastics: The Future of Plastic Biodegradation

November 9, 2023|

In a world grappling with the consequences of plastic pollution, the emergence of bioplastics presents a glimmer of hope. These eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastics offer a pathway towards a more sustainable and circular economy. This article delves into the intricacies of bioplastics, the process of biodegradation, and the [...]

EcoPure® and Clean Energy: Transforming Plastic Waste into Resources

November 2, 2023|

In the modern era, the utilization of plastic materials has reached an unprecedented level due to its versatility and cost-effectiveness. However, this overwhelming reliance on plastic has come at a significant environmental cost. The traditional methods of plastic disposal, primarily landfilling, have exacerbated the waste management crisis, leading to [...]

“Bio-Tec continues educational efforts with government agencies, politicians and the general public. I am pleased to see Bio-Tec continually working hard to make EcoPure® even better. EcoPure® is proven to biodegrade* in all tests I have conducted and reviewed. The product performs as advertised. EcoPure® consistently works and in my opinion, will lead the industry as the biodegradation* solution for many years to come!”

EcoPure® | Distribution Partner
“EcoPure® offers our company a unique opportunity to provide our customers with a solution when they are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to end-of life for their plastic packaging. Our level of trust working with Bio-Tec is 100%. We have complete faith and trust that we will continue receiving the necessary support needed to continue growing our sales of biodegradable* products. We have seen an approximate 10% increase in our gross profit margin from using EcoPure®.” 
Plastic Manufacturer using EcoPure®
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