For a truly biodegradable and commercially viable product, EcoPure® is the best technology on the market. It is a proven, versatile technology that has many advantages over competing technologies. Oxo-degradable products fragment into small pieces of plastic that are often mistaken for food by animals, and will not degrade at all unless in the presence of sunlight, moisture, and oxygen. Oxo-degradable plastic basically needs to be littered to degrade, and we feel that this is an irresponsible solution to the plastic waste problem. PLA production requires components sourced from food crops, which we feel should be eaten rather than used to make plastic. The corn used to produce PLA is a Genetically Modified Organism and requires heavy pesticides in the farming process and out-competes viable neighboring food crops. This material is touted as being compostable, but only composts in commercial/industrial grade facilities, which are unavailable in most areas of the world.